Version 1

This documentation is for Deis v1 PaaS. For Workflow (v2) documentation visit



Support the Deis workflow by manipulating and publishing Docker images.

class registry.dockerclient.DockerClient[source]

Use the Docker API to pull, tag, build, and push images to deis-registry.

FLOCKFILE = u'/tmp/controller-pull'
build(source, config, repo, tag)[source]

Add a “last-mile” layer of environment config to a Docker image for deis-registry.

publish_release(source, config, target, deis_registry)[source]

Update a source Docker image with environment config and publish it to deis-registry.

pull(repo, tag)[source]

Pull a Docker image into the local storage graph.

push(repo, tag)[source]

Push a local Docker image to a registry.

tag(image, repo, tag)[source]

Tag a local Docker image with a new name and tag.


Check a Docker repository name for collision with deis/* components.


Log a stream at DEBUG level, and raise DockerException if it contains “error”.

registry.dockerclient.publish_release(source, config, target, deis_registry)[source]

Strip the schema and host:port from a Docker repository name.