Version 1

This documentation is for Deis v1 PaaS. For Workflow (v2) documentation visit

Planning Process

Deis features a lightweight process that emphasizes openness and ensures every community member can be an integral part of planning for the future.

The Role of Maintainers

Maintainers lead the project. Their duties include proposing the Roadmap, reviewing and integrating contributions and maintaining the vision of the project.

Open Roadmap

The Deis Roadmap is a community document. While Maintainers propose the Roadmap, it gets discussed and refined in Release Planning Meetings.

Contributing to the Roadmap

Proposals and issues can be opened by anyone. Every member of the Community is welcome to participate in the discussion by providing feedback and/or offering counter-proposals.

Release Milestones

The Roadmap gets delivered progressively via the Release Schedule. Releases are defined during Release Planning Meetings and managed using GitHub Milestones which track specific deliverables and work-in-progress.

Release Planning Meetings

Major decisions affecting the Roadmap are discussed during Release Planning Meetings on the first Thursday of each month, aligned with the Release Schedule.

Release Planning Meetings are open to the public with access coordinated via the #deis IRC channel on Freenode. Notes from past meetings are below, along with links to a recording of the entire meeting on YouTube.

November 2016

The next public release planning meeting for Deis will take place on Thursday, November 3rd at 12pm MDT/1900 UTC. The event can be added directly to your calendar.

October 2016

  • Introduction - Seth Goings
  • Release Review - Jason Hansen
  • Deis CI Overview - Jonathan Chauncey


September 2016

  • Introduction - Gabe Monroy
  • Meet Matt Tucker - Seth Goings & Matt Tucker
  • Workflow 2.4 Release Review - Jason Hansen
  • Autoscaling Preview - Helgi Þorbjörnsson
  • Roadmap Process - Jason Hansen


August 2016

  • Introduction - Jason Hansen
  • Megaboom Demo - Aaron Schlesinger
  • Deployments Demo - Helgi Þorbjörnsson
  • Workflow 2.3 Release Review - Jason Hansen
  • Workflow 2.4 Up Next - Jason Hansen


July 2016

  • Workflow 2.1 and 2.2 Release Review
  • Helm Alpha.2 and Alpha.3 Review


June 2016

  • Introduction & Community Updates - Gabe Monroy
  • Helm Alpha 1 Demo - Michelle Noorali
  • How Mozilla uses Deis v1 - Josh Mize
  • Deis V1 Maintenance Update - Matt Boersma
  • Deis Workflow Release Update - Jason Hansen


May 2016

  • Introduction & Community Updates
  • LTS Update
  • Beta 3 Release and Beta 4 Status
  • Helm Update, Helm Classic and Kubernetes Helm
  • Wrap-up!


April 2016 (Deis LTS Release)

  • Intro
  • Move to Slack
  • Notes on Deis Workflow Beta
  • Road to Workflow Stable
  • Deis Workflow e2e Testing and Improvements
  • LTS Release (v1.13.0) for Deis v1
  • Call for Community Demos!


March 2016 (Deis v2 Beta)

We demoed Deis v2 beta and shared the architecture of the Deis v2 CI/CD pipeline.


February 2016

There was no public release planning meeting for February.

January 2016 (Deis 1.x LTS release and Deis v2 Alpha)

We’re still taking feedback and suggestions on what our users would like to see in the 1.x LTS release. Feel free to provide your input on the LTS release issue on GitHub.

Over the last month we’ve been hard at work on Deis v2 which puts the Deis workflow people have come to know and love on top of the Kubernetes platform. Aaron demoed what we’ve done so far with the release of Deis v2 Alpha. (v2 alpha walkthrough cheatsheet)

If you’ve tried out v2 alpha, let us know what you think via the v2 alpha feedback GitHub issue!

You can also take a look at our v2 beta milestone goals and chime in there.


December 2015 (Deis 1.x LTS release)

While much of our engineering efforts have shifted to complete Deis v2, we plan to ship one final release of the 1.x branch. This release will be a long-term support (LTS) release, receiving bug fixes and security updates for the foreseeable future.

We invite our community to help us plan this release, and look forward to your comments in the LTS release issue on GitHub.


November 2015 (Deis v1.12.2)

No archive due to technical difficulties.

October 2015 (Deis v1.12)

Roadmap items completed: Stateless Logger

Roadmap items added: Deis v2


September 2015 (Deis v1.11)

Roadmap items completed: Production Hardening

Roadmap items added: Etcd Hardening, Rigger


August 2015 (Deis v1.10)

Roadmap items completed: Scheduling and Orchestration, Etcd 2, Networking v2

Roadmap items added: Internal Service Discovery, Permissions and Teams, New Default Scheduler


July 2015 (Deis v1.9)

Roadmap items completed: Pluggable Storage Subsystem, User-defined Health Checks

Roadmap items added: Stateless Logger, Production Hardening


June 2015 (Deis v1.8)

Roadmap items added: Pluggable Storage Subsystem, Networking V2, Etcd 2, User-defined Health Checks



Thanks to Amy Lindburg and our friends at Docker for their inspiration.