Version 1

This documentation is for Deis v1 PaaS. For Workflow (v2) documentation visit

Deis Roadmap

The Deis Roadmap is a community document created as part of the open Planning Process. Each roadmap item describes a high-level capability or grouping of features that are deemed important to the future of Deis.

Given the project’s rapid Release Schedule, roadmap items are designed to provide a sense of direction over many releases.

Deis Workflow

Much of the Deis team’s efforts are focused on Deis Workflow which represents the next major stable release. For more information about Deis Workflow visit, or,.

Deis Workflow will follow the same open planning and roadmap process as Deis v1 published here,.

Deis v1 Maintenance

Now that Deis Workflow has seen its first stable release, Deis v1 is officially under maintenance. We will continue to track upstream CoreOS version bumps, security patches and patch submissions made by the community.